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Day 394: Happy Birthday Mike, and BIG NEWS!

Today is Mike's 35th birthday! When a fellow nursing home patient asked him how old he was, he said "33." We had to remind him that while he was 33 when he had his accident, he slept through his 34th birthday and is already 35. He looked confused, then grinned and said, "Oh my GOD!"

My kids, our cousin Jason, our friend Paige, and I stopped by with a cake and gifts to celebrate today.. but then when he got a new warm sweatsuit from Dad and Patty, he suddenly felt motivated to go for a walk to get lunch with us. And he did! We walked all the way to Panda Express, where he ate his weight in orange chicken. He did so well - even though he experienced a pretty significant crash when we got back. We are looking forward to easing into more walkable outings in the future.

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Lizz Mueller
Lizz Mueller
Jan 07

Happy Birthday Mike! 😊🎉💜

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