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Day 98: He Jokes!

Today, my kids and I had the BEST VISIT EVER with Mike.

First, the back story: When my kids were littler, Uncle Mike would always make them laugh with his Donald Duck voice. So when he was in a good mood today, we asked him if he could try it. He had us laughing so hard and was SMILING! He also told the kids that they are very special and that what makes them special is how kind they are to each other and to others.

We still can't understand everything he says, but his speech is getting better and better.

Each new day brings miracle improvements for Mike, and we are so glad that he is "coming back" to us little by little. Now is a great time to go visit him and strike up a simple conversation.

I ended the standing-on-the-corner phase after receiving lots and lots of tips from so many amazing people who stopped by and emailed us. We feel like we have a much better idea of what happened on the day of the accident. When space opens up, I'm looking forward to getting involved in improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists in Denver.

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17 mar 2023

So great! Brought tears to my eyes!

Me gusta
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