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Day 137: "Thank you for my new wheelchair."

Hey, Team Mike.

THANK YOU, GoFundMe donors, for the beautiful new wheelchair! This Tilt in Space wheelchair makes it easier for his caregivers to move him from his bed to the chair, and he can be wheeled around more comfortably to the recreational and dining options in his new space. I was also able to get him a TV, since his new nursing home didn't offer one and he still spends his time immobile. I also used the GoFundMe funds to purchase him a full wardrobe of comfortable, easy-on-easy-off clothing and some comfortable shoes. Next, I am working on getting him an accessible van so that he can go to the places he has been requesting: the Pride Parade, 16th street mall, and Pearl Street in Boulder. I get it. He hasn't been outside of a hospital situation in 137 days. I'd be bored too.

If you know of any resources that can help, please let me know. The used vans that I am looking at are about $30,000.

Mike is in a temporary nursing home for one month where he is getting amazing services like occupational therapy and physical therapy five days a week. He isn't happy with the space, which is fair. (My apologies in advance to the AMAZING individuals who make this nursing home possible; you know that you aren't the reason.) It's just.. you know.. the "only option" for someone on Medicaid right now. He is in a four person room and isn't getting the same care as he was in the hospitals.

It hurts not to be able to just "fix it" by putting him in a better nursing home. And at the end of the month, we have to find another Medicaid option. I hope that one day we can find a way to make sure he gets an accommodation that is more deserving of his experience. If you have any information or resources on this, please reach out to me. I am just exhausted with the search, the paperwork, and the pain of seeing him completely incapacitated for the rest of his life.

Please enjoy the video below, where you can see that his speech is much improved... and MOST IMPORTANTLY.. he can now advocate for himself. Even if he asks me 20 times to put him in his bed when he's tired but he still has to wait until after lunch. ;)

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Alexandria Eden
Alexandria Eden
27 sept 2023

Oh honey! I'm crying watching him and I know he loved art. He is such a sweet joy of human and I pray for him often.

Me gusta

26 may 2023

I really really do not like the driver who hurt him.

He wants to be in a fine place, something like graphic design With art. He recognizes he’s in a wheelchair.

It hurts me so much he isn’t able to take photos at the gay bars he has always frequent on his scooter. I hope one day he Will find that “Fine Place” he used to be in.

Me gusta
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