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Day 145: A haircut and a new room

Mike's friend Ben came and gave him a haircut! Doesn't he look amazing?

Mike has been moved to a two person room instead of the four person room he was in before, and he seems happier there. One of his nurses stopped to ask me lots of questions about what he was like before so that she could better connect with him, and it meant so much to me.

Your GoFundMe donations bought Mike some new clothes this week, along with more pillows per his request. He has a habit of falling over to his left side while in bed, so hopefully the big body pillow we got him will help him remain upright. The hunching over just looks painful.

Lately he has been asking to go to Boulder and 16th street mall here in Denver. Hopefully soon we can get transportation up and working for him so that he can get out of the nursing home. He hasn't left a hospital room or nursing home in 145 days, and he's starting to get antsy.

Soon he will need to move locations for the seventh time. I'm really hoping we can get him into a nursing home that he can truly feel happy about.

And as always, PLEASE COME VISIT!


Jun 20, 2023

Can I get in touch to visit Mike?


May 02, 2023

Hey Bex! I used to run the queer bar in Boulder and still live here. When he’s ready to come visit Boulder please let me know if I can be helpful or supportive while you’re in town! -Ash Alnite

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