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Day 50: Little Improvements and Growing Community Support

Mike has begun to move his lips and make some grunting sounds! While fully regaining speech skills is unlikely (or a very long ways off) this is such a huge development. We are hoping that he will make it to Level 3 and Craig Hospital will change their "no" answer to a "yes." They hesitate to accept traumatic brain injury patients that don't 'show enough promise of rehabilitation.

He seems to focus on squeezing the sponges they give him, so today I bought him a squishy blue dinosaur and some putty to hold while I'm working remotely from his room. This also keeps him from reaching up to pull out his trach.

I continue to stand on the corner of Bannock and Speer every morning at rush hour in hopes that more witnesses will come forward and we can get a clear picture of what happened to our Mike. Friends and strangers have been joining me, and that outpouring of love means everything.

We love you Mike. Keep fighting.



Keep fighting Mike!! You have a lot of support and Love ❤️ behind you!!

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