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Day 78: He Sings!

Lately, Mike has been enjoying some of his favorite songs by Lady Gaga. He has been "singing" along with me and the kids to Bad Romance. That is, when he feels like it.

Mike has been entering into the much anticipated and agitative Stage 3 of consciousness, and even threw a washcloth at a nurse the other day! As much as it hurts to see him annoyed, breaking his cervical collars and throwing things, this is a huge part of the "waking" process.

I have been continuing to stand on the corner where his accident happened on most days, and new witnesses have been coming forward all the time with very helpful information.

Our Dad and stepmom have been visiting for the past week and we all got to spend some really great time together as we bonded through this crazy process.

On Monday, the winners of the Colorado DIVA awards will be announced, and you are invited to come out and see if Mike wins in the "Best Nightlife Photographer" category!

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Feb 25, 2023

Love the updates! ❤️ so glad to hear he has been singing with you all- awesome!

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